May FP

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so let’s focus on our emotional well-being with some Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Techniques. EEM not only helps to enhance the health of our physical bodies, it can also help to balance our emotional bodies.

One of the most important aspects of energy is that it needs to move in a crossover pattern for us to maintain a healthy balance. The Crossover Shoulder Pull and Cross Crawl reinforce figure eight and crossover patterns throughout the body, and help us to have more energy, enhance coordination and balance brain function to think more clearly. Start with a shoulder pull by placing your right hand on your left shoulder. With a little pressure, push in and drag your hand across your body to the opposite hip. Repeat on both sides a few times, and then move to an exaggerated walk as you cross over each hand to the opposite knee. If your left knee is up, your right hand should cross over to touch it. Continue this cross-over march for at least one minute.

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