April FP


Spring has sprung and just like we spring clean our houses, it is a valuable time to do the same for our bodies. Luckily, Eden Energy Medicine offers many ways to help detoxify the body and move old, stagnant energy out in order to help the body maintain a healthy balance.

Working with the Neurolymphatic reflex points (NL) can help balance the meridians (energy pathways in the body), the organs, and the entire lymphatic system. Stimulating these points helps to support the flow of lymph throughout the body and get rid of any built-up toxins. Be sure to rub these points with deep pressure, and if they are sore, that is a sign that they need to be worked with.

There are many NL points, but some of the ones that you may want to start with include the ones under each side of the collarbone and where the body and arm connect to stimulate the Central and Governing NL points. You can also work with the Liver Meridian by rubbing under the right breast, and Kidney by rubbing down the outside of your upper arm on both sides. See the diagram for more points, but only work with a few at a time, so that you don’t release too many toxins at once.

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